Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kumarakom - Backwater luxury

Connect with nature - CHECK

Now it was time for some indulgence! Which meant checking into Backwater Ripples, Sunset cruise, Speed boat tour, and ofcourse rest and recuperation... re-energizing ourselves before we head back home.
Backwater Ripples

Getting to Backwater Ripples from Vagamon:
Thanks to my Google Navigator which lost signal as we were driving back, we took a wrong turn and started heading north rather than going west. This caused a slight delay in our travel but then we were able to turn back before we were completely lost, thanks to my husband's natural navigational skills. He decided that the sun was not where it was supposed to be, so the route I was telling him was not correct!

Once checking in to Backwater Ripples, we decided to rest for sometime - I was very thankful for that! The imaginary Swedish Memsahib and her lover who were killed in that cottage (the characters from the spooky story that I heard in Vagamon) had made sure I don't close my eyes for too long the previous night. I couldn't be more thankful to get some sleep! But the best part of all this was, I really love this sleep; the kind which you crave for, the feeling a desert traveler would get after hallucinating about water and then finally finding an oasis, water would taste like ambrosia to him. A perfect analogy for that moment when I put my head down on that pillow! And then I slept... like a baby! A power nap was all I needed to get back into form.

Things to do:
Rejuvenate at the ayurvedic spa, go on a sunset cruise, cool down at the swimming pool, or just relax on the hammock with a book...

We decided to go on the sunset cruise, a nice way to relax. The cruise is for almost 45 minutes starting at 5:30pm and we are in the middle of the lake when the sun sets. On a clear day you can see the sun setting at the horizon. After the cruise, we cycled around the resort for sometime, played some table tennis, caroms and then decided to call it a night.

But if you are looking for something which rushes your adrenaline then you can go for the speed boat ride. Its real fun, the speed boat can go from 50 to 150 kmph in a few seconds. They will take you from Kumarakom to Allapuzha crossing the Vembanad lake and would take you through the various canals, some narrow ones too.

A old woman fishing outside her house for her lunch

A fisherman pulling out his catch as we cross him on our speed boat...
The speed boat ride lasts for almost 2 hours and you get a complete tour of the Kuttanad area, the Nehru Stadium where the annual snake boat race happens, the narrow canals of Allapuzha, small backwater villages and then back to Kumarakom.
Once we got back, we decided to check out and head back home. Before leaving, we lazed around some more time near the lotus pond and hammock. We really didn't want to leave this place behind but our holiday was coming to an end and we had to get back to reality.
Overall the Kerala holiday was a huge hit, a very lazy and rejuvenating one and we all came back refreshed and ready to get back to work!

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