You might be wondering why a page on philosophy in a travel photography blog, but what you are missing is that travel makes you think in a different perspective about life. It adds a philosophical factor to your being.

And I would like to consider myself a philosophical person to a certain extent... After all I did win the second prize in an elocution competition in my 8th Standard on the topic "Are we the soul or the body", conducted by ISKCON. Wondering what a 13 year old kid would have spoken about this topic? Actually at this point, I am wondering the same! Then again in 10th Standard I freaked out my aunty by writing about life and how we can relate different subjects we study in school to various aspects of life. Believe me when I tell you, she thought I had lost it. I was in my teens, they expected me to write about boys or something, life wasnt anywhere on their list of things to worry about a teenage kid living with them and that too who was going to taker her board exam. They thought the pressure of studies has made me slightly mad. Heehee :-) they didnt know i was born a little mad. My mom had to pacify aunt saying that even as a kid I used to write things like this.

I wanted to start scribbling again about the different philosophies that came to my mind during my different travels and that is what this page is all about!