Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 2013 - Celebrating the Sun

I come from a place where the Sun (is always scorching) and people are always complaining about it. The weather is scorching in Summer and hot in the Spring and warm in the Winters. Sun rises and sets at times it is expected to. At 6 am, its in the east; at 12 pm its over head; and at 5 pm its in the west ready to set.

And then I go to a place where in early August, sun rises around 4-5 am; it's overhead at around 4pm and sun decides that its ready to set sometime around 8-9pm. And to top all this, at 1 am, in the middle of the night, you can see light at the northern part of Stockholm (towards north pole)! Can you imagine seeing the sky lit in the middle of the night? I couldn't! And wouldn't move from the window, I was like a kid. And the people, they get so excited with summer. The entire city is outdoors, cycling, sun-bathing, lazing around, picnicking, sailing, sleeping in the parks, reading a book, listening to music, drinking a beer (yeah in the morning! It's like "let me have a beer and go back to sleep and allow the sun to do its thing *yawn*") and oh! did i mention just lazing around... oh yeah!!! That's summer in Europe (at least in Stockholm and in some countries of Eastern Europe).

When my husband decided to go for his "6 months internal transfer to Sweden", I wanted to be as supportive as possible, but at the back of my mind I wasn't too comfortable with the idea of he being away for so long. Though I am still not 100% okay with the idea of he being away, this movement has brought me the best days of year 2013. I had the chance to join the summer party of Europe, perceive life the way Europeans do, drink Beer (should add lots of it), travel to 4 countries in a span of 10 days and last but not the least see the bigger picture in life. Ofcourse, I do feel jealous that inherently I am not "genetically programmed" to enjoy life the way they do! But I am happy I got a glimpse of what it is, to be that way!

After coming back, I was talking to my friends and they are all looking forward to the photographs I had taken and the experiences I had there. They wanted to know when my next blog posts were coming up and frankly speaking I don't know if I can do justice expressing what I saw/felt for the past 3 weeks, if I can convey the vibes of European summer through my words or my photographs. But I am sure going to try that and hope I am able to get through at least 10% of what I felt!

Will be back with the photographs and more on my experiences! 

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