Monday, December 23, 2013

To Rome with Love...

Roman Holiday - Part 2 of Italian Holiday

After starting our honeymoon in a so-called spiritual manner (considering the first place we visited during our trip was the Vatican City), the next day we decided to explore the city of Rome.

City Maps… check, metro card… check, guide book… check, my camera kit… check! So after a heavy breakfast, we decided to cover as much of Rome as possible, because we had a train to catch the next morning as we were leaving to our next destination in our Italian Honeymoon, Florence! 

Travel Tip 1: Always find the quickest way to travel within a city; the local Tourist Information centers are extremely helpful in this regard.

Travel Tip 2: In Europe, the best, cheapest and the quickest way to travel from one city to another or from one country to another is by trains. If you plan on going to multiple countries check out about Eurail Passes, else check out the local train options.

So we had a little less than 12 hours to go back in time, into the world of Gladiators at the Colosseum, walk through the centuries old Roman Forum and gape at the Palatine Hill or admire how mankind had developed these civilizations and the planning that had actually gone into it and finally, solidifying our love at the Trevi Fountain. 

As we walked hand in hand, discussing about how old the Roman Civilization was, marveling at the thought that we might as well be walking and laughing on the same grounds where Julius Ceasar might have walked and laughed. A pretty intense and philosophical moment! This might be true anywhere in this world but the specialty about this one was that it was our first trip together as man and wife, we were stepping into a new phase of life and this made us think about life that had existed there in those ruins, Gladiators fighting for their lives while the crowds cheered for their life or death and the conflicts between science and the Church and the life that has prevailed all these years.

A lot of philosophy on a honeymoon you would think, we were high… not just on love but also on wine!!!


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